Return and Refund Policy

LYCKA offers a simple 7-day free return service!

Please ensure that the item does not belong to the list of items that do not have a return item.

Please pay attention to the following items:

1. Has it not exceeded 7 days since the receipt of the goods?

2. Is the product intact, not used, worn or cleaned?

3. The product has an odor or a perfume

4. Is the goods not broken?

5. Have you kept the original packaging of the goods?

6. Is there a clear online return form?

7. Is the goods packaged with the order receipt?

You are responsible for keeping the goods before we receive the return, please handle them carefully. If the goods meet the above items, please return to LYCKA soon.

In general, we will refund you through the refund method you choose based on the online exchange/return application you filled out. Depending on the system default, the refund will be made in the original payment method, and the cash on delivery will be refunded to the e-wallet with the store credit if the full bank transfer information is not provided. You can also choose to refund directly to your Wallet credit. You can refer to the list below to find out more.

Please note:

- LYCKA reserves the right to refuse a refund if our warehouse has not received your return.

- Please ensure that all refund information is correct. If the information is incorrect and/or incomplete, the refund will be refunded directly to the Wallet.

- If the item you want to replace is not in stock, we will refund it to your e-wallet.

- All refunded store credits can only be returned to the store credit after they have been used again.

However, if the guest purchases in a special offer (except for the specified price), the return amount will be refunded to the guest in percentage. We will refund the refundable amount by the amount you paid, in addition to the original price of the order, and the discount for each item, multiplied by the amount of the item. In case of any dispute, LYCKA will have the final decision.

LYCKA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and refuse to replace the product without prior notice; LYCKA will have the final decision in case of any dispute.

You will receive an email notification after the refund is completed.