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Ultrasonic ion peeling machine-cleansing, rejuvenation

  • Brand: LYCKA
  • Product Code: 622302106019
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Function :
1. For acne, stubborn blackheads, deep cleansing effect, stubborn blackheads on the nose, completely resolved after 3-4 times
2. Exfoliate dead skin and clean excess horny skin
3. Decompose melanin, dilute melanin, remove melanin
4. Nutrient introduction, deep moisturizing and moisturizing the skin
5. Lift and tighten, make the skin elastic
6. The principle of mutual attraction between positive and negative electrodes, combined with the liquid nutrient solution with anions and cations, is introduced to the skin of the guests, which has the effect of regulating the acidity and alkalinity of the skin, accelerating blood circulation and achieving rapid absorption.
7. The current decomposes and discharges the precipitated substances, and the nutrients are introduced into the deep layer of the skin, so that they can be absorbed efficiently and maintain a youthful and beautiful skin.
8. The main function of the ionized positive electrode is to produce an acid reaction, stabilize nerves, reduce blood supply, and strengthen fibrous tissue. It is mainly used to tighten pores after cosmetic treatments, prevent inflammation, and introduce acidic substances into deep skin to promote absorption.
9. The main function of the negative electrode is to produce alkaline reaction, stimulate nerves, increase blood supply, soften the county committee organization, mainly used for mature and aging skin
Product name: Ultrasonic peeling machine
Product color: pearl white elegant black
Product material: ABS
Gear adjustment: three gears adjustable
Output voltage: 5V/600mA
Power: 2W
Battery: Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Product net weight: 96g
Color box packaging weight: 231g
Color box size: 20.5*9.5*4.8cm
Packing list: host 1PCS, USB power cord 1PCS, manual 1PCS

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Tags: Ultrasonic ion peeling machine-cleansing, rejuvenation